Custom Lighting

The Evolution AutoWerks, LLC Custom lighting process:

Here at Evolution AutoWerks, LLC we strive to provide the best lighting experience possible. We do this by providing great customer service, along with taking the time to understand what exactly our customer's wants and needs are when it comes to their personalized headlights. Before we even give you a quote we ask you key questions to help paint a picture of what the customer wants (colors, styles, projector types and how they are different, etc.). Once that picture is painted, we break down step by step what exactly what is going to happen, what parts will be used, the functionality and warranties, shipping and lastly the pricing for your requested build.

We take these extra steps to ensure that each customer understands exactly what goes into their build, but to also take the time to explain how things work since not everyone is a headlight expert (that's why you're here!).

We offer plenty of packages, each level broken down into "Gold, Silver and Bronze packages". These packages are aimed to the customer who doesn't want all the bells and whistles and is purely after a lighting performance upgrade, or as we like to call it the OEM+ treatment. Each level is broken down by projector options, shroud options, ballasts, bulbs, etc. that fit within that level range. It's easy, simple and the best bang for your buck in pure light output only upgrades.

For all questions regarding parts, complete retrofits or general questions please feel free to contact us at any time day or night at, or by phone (920) 245-5112.

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