Custom Headlights

Custom Headlights by Evolution AutoWerks:

Evolution AutoWerks, LLC takes great pride in providing our customers with the best lighting experience possible. We do this by providing the best products and warranties available by using our trusted product line by Morimoto, The Retrofit Source, Diode Dynamics, Starry Night Halos, Led Concepts and DK Moduls.

Headlight Services:

Factory amber removal:

The removal of the factory amber piece can transform the entire look of the headlight. We offer multiple selections of clear lenses for most models in clear, smoked, tinted and frosted. If we don't have an off the shelf lens available, we are able to have one off sets created. Our lens service starts at $180 per pair of headlights.

*New Retro Rubber included

Lens Restoration:

We offer headlight lens restoration services starting at $60 and UP depending on the severity of the lens condition/damage to the lens. Every restoration process ends with an automotive grade two-part clear coat ensuring years of use without fail.

Please contact us to schedule your lens cleaning today,

* Lens cleaning and Morimoto Retro Rubber included

Custom Paint/ Hydro Dipping:

We offer custom paint options for any headlight application. From our popular glossy black paint to custom color matched colors we are able to provide high quality paint work at a reasonable cost. We use only the best automotive grade quality products (primer, color, clear) and are sprayed in an automotive spray booth to ensure the best quality product possible.

* Pricing is reduced if you bundle paint work with a retrofit.

*Two tone paint schemes are available, pricing may vary based on color/style of paint

Single color paint work starts at $100 with new retro rubber sealant

Hydro Dipping starting at $200 and will vary depending on the complexity of the piece and design used. Please contact us via for more details.

Halos/Demon Eyes/ Model specific Drop-in replacement LED boards

We offer only the highest quality LED products available on the market. We are vendors for the following companies:

  • Morimoto/ The Retrofit Source
  • Diode Dynamics
  • Led Concepts
  • Starry Night Halos

All of our LED options come with a multi-year hassle free warranty (product only) and can be bundled with virtually any headlight option we offer.

Installation Services:

Evolution AutoWerks strives to provide a hassle free experience, including installation. We offer full installation of any product we offer, including the complete installation and adjustment of any retrofit built by us. Didn't have us build you lights, but need them installed, not a problem. Our installation service is a flat $100/hr, with most installations only taking 3-4 hours to complete.

*Please note that we are not responsibly for other builder's work not working as advertised during an install.

To schedule please contact us at

Headlight Retrofit Conversions

Our HID/LED projector retrofit is made as simple as possible. We focus on creating the least amount of down time possible by sourcing our customers brand new OE style headlights or OEM headlights depending on the application. This allows us to ensure a top quality product while allowing our customer to drive their car, most time it being their only car, without the need to send us anything.

For cars that come with projectors as an OEM option, we have solutions and options for you as well. We offer a wide range of drop in projector upgrades, clear lenses and bulb options to make sure you're getting the most out of your headlights.

Most model retrofits start in the $600-$900 range.

  • Depending on your options, make, model and requested upgrades determine the total price of each build.
  • Each build is sealed with Morimoto Retro Rubber
  • Each build is quality control tested before, during and after the build is completed to ensure everything is working as intended
  • All of our retrofits are 100% plug and play. Each retrofit is supplied a plug and play relay harness, which is labeled for ease of installation
  • All of the wiring coming out of the headlight is wrapped in braided wire loom giving you a factory fit and finish
  • *All quotes are good for 10 business days
  • * Pricing is subject to change without notice
  • * Shipping is not factored into the total price of the build. All shipping is paid once the build process is complete.
  • *Import/Customs fees are the responsibility of the customer
  • Let us help you light the way and schedule your appointment TODAY!

We have multiple ways to request a quote:

  • Our website
  • By phone – (920)245-5112

Thank you for choosing Evolution AutoWerks, LLC for all your lighting needs!

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